Spring 2021 League Format

Below is the full Spring 2021 Competition Format and Interactive Calendar- we suggest you use the button above to download the format in PDF form.

Spring 2021 Format and Schedule


This Spring, Conference One will run a VALORANT Competition. Our competition will feature a round-robin group style format that CF1 believes will be compelling for players, schools, and fans.



No entry fees. Play for free!


Schools will need to undergo a CF1 introductory interview, complete the Conference One Logo Form,  and Player Verification Form through their school administrator to be eligible to compete in the CF1 Spring Season.  Schools and teams that competed in the fall will only need to submit an updated Player Verification Form from their administrators. Additionally, ALL players competing in CF1 spring competition will need to complete a Media Liability Form.


Schools will only have to undergo one registration for the entirety of the competition. This process will begin with the launch of CF1’s platform on January 7th. Registration links will be sent out to fall tournament participants.


School’s will be allowed to add players after they initially register and throughout the competition. During the competition there will be a one week delay on new player eligibility. New players added to the roster will require an updated player verification form from the school administrator.



Schools wishing to participate in the spring must complete the registration process by 8 PM EST January 27th, 2021. There will not be an opportunity to sign up during the competition.


For more information regarding please check out the revised CF1 Rulebook, which can be found on our website as a PDF and on the CF1 Discord.








Feb 1st 2021


Schools will sign up for competition based on their geographic location. For the CF1 Spring 2021 competition , schools will be grouped in three distinct groups: East, Central, and West. To determine what region your school falls under please consult the map below.  


After registration ends schools will be randomly placed into groups of 8. Schools will proceed to play in a double round-robin competition. After the first round-robin is completed the bottom two teams from each group will be eliminated from the competition. The remaining six schools will play in a second round-robin. 


At the end of group play the top two teams from each group will advance to play in their regional tournaments.



Each match will be a best of three games.

Schools may reschedule a maximum of two matches during spring competition. The requesting school must reach out to CF1 no later than 5 days prior to the scheduled match time. All reschedule matches must be completed before the next scheduled match.

Regional Map





Tournament Schedule

Week One of Competition (February 1st, 2021)

East Region will play Mondays at 8 PM EST

Central Region will play Tuesdays at 8 PM CST

West Region will play Wednesdays 7 PM PST

Matches may be retimed to be played on the same day without counting against schools reschedule count

Two reschedules are allowed during spring gameplay

Week Seven (March 15th, 2021) will be the end of first round-robin

Tiebreakers will be played on Thursday and Friday to determine any eliminations 

Week 8-12 schedule will be posted on March 20th by 3 PM EST

Group play will end Week 12 (April 19th, 2021)

Tiebreakers to determine the top two teams will be held on Thursday and Friday the week of April 19th




Path to Finals


April 29th 2021



After the conclusion of group play on April 19th, the top teams from each group will compete in a regional 8 team single-elimination tournament. The winners and runners-up from these regional tournaments will play in the CF1 Grand Finals. 


Additionally, two other regional tournament teams will be selected to compete in the CF1 Grand Finals. Teams will be chosen from the 3/4th place finishers in each regional competition. Selection criteria will be based on CF1’s tiebreaker rules with record being reviewed first, followed by match scores, followed by round score differential, followed by any tiebreaker matches if necessary. Please consult the CF1 ruleset for further details.     



Each match will be a best of three games

Finals Tournament Schedule

Regional Tournaments

East Region 

Quarterfinals: 7 PM EST Thursday, April 29th

Semifinals: 7 PM EST Friday, April 30th

Finals: 7 PM EST Monday, May 3rd


Central Region

Quarterfinals: 2 PM CST Saturday, May 1st

Semifinals: 4 PM CST Saturday, May 1st

Finals: 8 PM CST Saturday, May 1st


West Region

Quarterfinals: 1 PM PST Sunday, May 2nd

Semifinals: 3 PM PST Sunday, May 2nd

Finals: 7 PM PST Sunday May, 2nd


CF1 Grand Finals

Quarterfinals Saturday, May 8th 

Quarterfinal 1, 2 PM EST

Quarterfinal 2, 4 PM EST

Quarterfinal 3, 6 PM EST

Quarterfinal 4, 8 PM EST


Semifinals and Grand Finals, Sunday May 9th 

Semifinal 1, 3 PM EST

Semifinal 2, 5 PM EST

Grand Finals 8 PM EST

$10,000 scholarship prize pool (Top 4)