The Conference One Spring Competition is officially underway! Good luck to all teams participating this year.

Registration for The Conference One Spring Competition ends January 27th!

In order to start the registration process, you’ll need to first set up a meeting here:

If you are a student coordinator for your team, it is suggested to bring your administrator to the meeting if possible. 

Currently, we are only open to 4-year colleges and universities.

Familiarize yourself with the requirements listed below and download the two PDF’s to get a head start on the process!


In order to fully register for Conference One gameplay, your team will need to meet a number of requirements:

  • Each player must fill out and sign a Player Media Waiver Form
  • A school administrator or logo owner must sign a Logo Waiver Form for social media and stream usage.
  • A school administrator must sign a Player Verification Form that deems all students on the team are eligible to play based on these guidelines:
    • Enrolled in classes full time
    • Is in good academic standing
    • At least 18 years old
    • Residency in the U.S. or Canada