You’ve made it!

In order to finalize your registration on the tournament platform site, Conference One requires a few documents. You can download those documents below. 

For step 3, all the documents below will need to be completed as well as:

  • Player/Coordinator/Coach Headshots
  • Team Logo

Logo Waiver Form

This needs to be filled out by the owner of the logo.

A School Administrator will need to sign it if the mark is a school logo.

A student can sign this if they created the logo for their club program.

Player Verification Form

This is required to be filled out by the School Administrator.

The form will need to include all the eligible players with their in game name + tag.


Epic ID for Rocket League.

The team coordinator should fill in the names and game ID’s before sending to their School Administrator.

Liability Waiver Form

Each separate player listed on the Player Verification Form must fill out a Liability Waiver Form. This includes the team’s coordinator/coach.

This should be sent out and collected by the team’s coordinator and submitted with the rest of the forms.

If you have any questions regarding the above forms, you can email or reach out on Discord: Scottyy#6787.