Conference One is back!

Conference One is a collegiate esports organization, powered by community and driven by elite competition.

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 HIGHLIGHTS

  • 75 participating universities and colleges
  • 10 tournaments
  • 173 hours of high-quality broadcasts
  • 500k Twitter impressions
  • $43K awarded in scholarships

Catch CF1 VALORANT Tuesday nights starting at 8 PM EST

Fall Registration 2021-2022 (New Applications CLOSED)

Step 1.

Start Registration


Set a meeting with CF1 to start your school’s registration process. Your team’s coordinator should be present.

The registration process may take a few days, so plan accordingly!

Step 2.

Sign Documents


After the initial meeting, teams are required to fill out CF1 forms. 

These forms must be filled out by the appropriate entities at your school and submitted once all are completed.

Step 3.

Finish Registration


Once all forms have been verified and submitted, the coordinator will receive a link and guide to register on the tournament platform, as well as an invite to the CF1 Coaches and Coordinators Discord.

Fall 2021 welcomes Rocket League into the CF1 arsenal!


👥 Players: 5 + substitutes

🖥️ Console: PC

🏆 Divisions: 

  • Radiant & Immortal
  • Diamond & Below

🗓️ Fall Format: 

  • 5 weeks of Round-Robin group play each Tuesday + finals weekends

Sports Illustrated in-depth tracking and coverage!

Rocket League 

👥 Players: 3 + substitutes

🖥️ Console: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

🏆 Divisions: 

  • Supersonic Legend & Grand Champion
  • Champion & Below

🗓️ Fall Format:

  • More Information to come!

Sports Illustrated in-depth tracking and coverage!

Where players matter, competition matters.

CF1 is an esports organization designed to foster, manage and organize competition complemented by robust entertainment-driven content and programming. 

Together with our partners and member schools, Conference One strives to drive collegiate esports forward. 


We put players first by offering the best in tournaments and competition. Compete in any of our game titles and fight for the #1 spot.


We let players drive the content narrative. Our broadcasts showcase the skill and personality of players and teams, gaining national exposure.


Compete weekly with the country’s elite players. We’ll give you published schedules and match reminders to streamline your play.


Become the best and compete for scholarships. We offer scholarships for each game title and season throughout the year.